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Course Design and Teaching Workshop(CDTW)

This workshop is a 4-day intensive course consisting of lectures which require active participation and practical training of mock lectures by participants. The objective for them is to reflect on their teaching style and to implement the Learner-centered approach.

Course Design

This workshop is prepared to build up one topic a day for four days.
First, the instructor introduces the theory of each topic exactly in the way of interactive style, followed by the presentation of co-instructors, past-participants, of how they actually put theory into practice in their own classes. Then, participants draft how they can put the topic into practice in their specific field and examine along with the discussion in pairs or with other participants. The style of building up four topics one by one for four days also serves from the viewpoint of Learner-centered approach.

Microteaching (mock lecture)

The workshop participants are divided into two groups and each group member has to do microteaching twice in four days. In the beginning the instructor gives a detailed explanation related to the purpose and rules of microteaching. Then each participant gives a five-minute lecture on one aspect of their course. The instructor, co-instructors, and participants listen to the lecture as students and give their feedback after analyzing the session. Each participant is provided 30 minutes for microteaching and receiving positive and constructive feedback. This process is videotaped for the first and the second session. Each participant is supposed to prepare for the second microteaching session by watching the videotape of the first one. After the end of the workshop the participants take back the videotapes for future reference.

Follow-up Workshop

This workshop allows the CDTW graduates, to learn further about the learner-centered approach, by reflecting on their thoughts and questions they faced through practice in university teaching. Participants are required to answer a questionnaire prior to the workshop. The instructor selects a few problems and situations from the questionnaires and discusses them with the participants during the workshop.

Co-instructor Workshop

Graduates of the CDTW can assume the role of co-instructors to assist the instructor during CDTW. The co-instructors introduce the teaching practices of their respective courses in the Course Design section in the morning. During Microteaching in the afternoon, the co-instructors provide feedback along with other participants after the end of each microteaching session.
The co-instructors are university teachers like the other participants, who have graduated from CDTW and provide a sense of association and encouragement to the new participants. Simultaneously, they act as a contact and maintain a network between the university teachers with common concern towards faculty development. This workshop aims to develop such co-instructors for the future.

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