Message from the Project leader

With the advancement of globalization in education and research, students at top-level universities in Europe and the United States have an increasing number of opportunities to study abroad. High-end research conducted at Osaka University is on par with that of the world's top institutions, and thus, students worldwide have raised expectations and interests in education and research here. Responding to such globalization in higher education, it is indispensable to train faculty members with the skills necessary for interactive courses that cater to the needs of students from varying cultural backgrounds.

The Cybermedia Center is among the first to focus on such social circumstances and requirements, and pioneered the Project to support FD for fostering globalization of university education (known as GFD); FD for globalization of education and English proficiency of faculty members', with support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology from 2008, in cooperation with the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences (the former Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice) and the Center for International Education and Exchange. By steadily supporting the needs of faculty members' to improve skills with regards to course design and teaching, this project aims to make Osaka University more attractive to prospective students from around the world, with the following activities as three main features: Developing self study e-Learning material for the improvement of teaching skills in English; Organizing FD Workshops, symposia and corresponding materials for the improvement of teaching and course design skills based on learner-centered method of instruction; and Maintaining and updating the e-Learning environment to enhance the use of ICT.

With the University's motto, "good education, internationalism, design power", we are promoting this project with the hope to make Osaka University appealing to future students from across the world,. Your consideration and encouragement would be extremely appreciated.

Haruo Takemura
Director of Cybermedia Center
Professor of Informedia Education Division

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