Who should use it and how should it be used?

Materials that can meet a range of needs

The GFD Project's original e-learning material is designed with Osaka University faculties in mind. This material is tailored to meet a variety of needs, offering insights on how to approach the task of having to teach in English or new ways to confirm students' comprehension levels. It also provides effective methods for class design and allows users to view other instructors' classes as reference.
Our e-Learning material is in English and features many useful functions such as animated explanations and an integrated review system. It also introduces interactive classes conducted in Japanese. All of this material has been developed with non-native English speakers in mind, so there is no need to worry about learning 'teaching in English.'

GFD e-Learning materials cater to the needs of faculty members

[Need 1] I want to know more about the internationalization of higher education.

Starting with Osaka University's G30 Program and course quality assurance in International Exchange Subjects, many different approaches to the internationalization of higher education are introduced here, both within Japan and abroad.

[Need 2] I want to know the latest information about methods for teaching in English

We explain how to effectively incorporate discussions by looking at examples of lectures at Osaka University, other Japanese universities, and abroad.

[Needs 3] I want to see some sample lectures in my specialized discipline.

We introduce sample lectures covering a wide range of specialized discipline.

[Needs 4] I would like to learn more about course design.
I am interested in faculty development from a global perspective.

GFD e-Learning material features exclusive workshop videos that cover various aspects of faculty development, including course design and teaching from an international perspective.

Practical Examples

Each section of the material can be used as a stand-alone unit but studying them in combination will prove more effective. Here are some examples of how the materials can be used to meet the specific needs of the faculties who use them.

"I would like to see how other faculties, particularly those at Osaka University, teach classes in English"

Faculty member in the humanities and social sciences

"In preparation for my lectures, I want to see some examples of classroom English and expressions that are tailored for my field"

Faculty member in the natural sciences

"I want to know a theoretical approach to course design"

Faculty member in the humanities and social sciences

"I will be responsible for a class for international students and I want to know how to make it effective"

Faculty member in the natural sciences

"I am very interested in designing my courses in line with 'learner-centered' teaching approaches."

Faculty member in the humanities and social sciences

"I would like to communicate more with my students to see how much of my class they have understood. What are some effective ways to interact more with them?"

Faculty member in the natural sciences

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