Overview of the Project


With the advancement of globalization in higher education, students and instructors have an increasing number of opportunities to study or work abroad. Meanwhile there is a repositioning of practices wherein the focus shifts from teacher-centered to learner-centered education.

High-end research conducted at Osaka University is on par with that of the world's top institutions. In terms of education, the university is promoting faculty development to enhance teaching skills in line with global standards. This will improve the learning prosess and significantly raise the quality of education offered at Osaka University.

Supported by the Cybermedia Center, Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice, and Center for International Education and Exchange, the Project to support Faculty Development (FD) for fostering globalization of university education (GFD Project) aims to make Osaka University attractive to prospective students from around the world. During a 5 year period starting from 2008, the program has successfully carried out workshops and symposia to train faculty members with the skills necessary for interactive courses that cater to the needs of students from varying cultural backgrounds.

Purpose of the materials

"Let's teach in English" are e-Learning materials designed to give the faculties of Osaka University the confidence needed to lecture in English. It was developed with two purposes in mind: to give faculties the ability to supervise students from various cultural backgrounds and to build their confidence in their ability to teach about their field of expertise in English. This self-learning material was organized in such a way as to introduce various approaches relating to the internationalization of education, such as international and domestic programs both inside and outside the university. It also allows faculties to learn about methods for lecturing with a learner-centered approach as well as experience based learning or interactive teaching methods in the sciences.

Who developed this material?

This material was developed by the Project to Support Faculty Development (FD) for Fostering Globalization of University Education, 'Faculty Development for the globalization of education and for the improvement of teaching skills in English by faculties' (GFD Project) with the support by the Cybermedia Center, Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice (current Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences), and International Student Center (current Institute for Higher Education Research and practice).


This project is promoted with following efforts as three main features.

Developing self study e-Learning material with the aim for the improvement of teaching skills in English
More details of e-Learning materials
Organizing FD Workshops, symposia and corresponding materials for the improvement of teaching and course design skills based on learner-centered method of instruction
More details of FD Workshops
More details of symposia
More details of e-Learning materials
Maintaining and updating the e-Learning environment to enhance the use of ICT
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