Symposium 2011

"Diversity and Future Vision of International Programs: Based on the experiences of Osaka University"

Symposium 2011

Overview: The goals of this symposium are to share the achievements and issues relating to recently implemented instructional techniques, introducing both the conceptual approaches as well as actual classes of Osaka University's International Programs (whose courses are taught in English), which are currently operating within each department of the humanities and sciences.

Organized by:  GFD project
(Center for International Education & Exchange(CIEE)、Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice、Cybermedia Center)
Supported by:  Office for International Planning and Programs (IPP)

Date & Time: Wednesday 9 November 2011 15:00-18:00

Venue:  Seminar Room 1, Student Commons 2F, Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University


Opening Address
 Haruo TAKEMURA(Cybermedia Center, Professor)
Presentations from the Faculty Members of the International Programs:
"OUSSEP as a Case Study"
OUSSEP Sachihiko KONDO(Center for International Education and Exchange, Professor)
"Visiting and Receiving Europe: Erasmus Mundus and Bologna"
Erasmus Mundus Euroculture Haruhiko FUJITA(Graduate School of Letters, Professor)
"Using computer aided approaches to teaching sciences to general background international students in English"
CBCMP Wade Naylor (International College, Specially Appointed Associate Professor)
"Experiences in teaching Chemistry (and English) to non-native speakers of English at Osaka University"
CBCMP Luke Ueda-Sarson(International College, Specially Appointed Associate Professor)
"Things Learned from 5 years of Experience with Special Courses in English"
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Kazuhiko HASEGAWA(Graduate School of Engineering, Professor)
16:25 −16:40
Introduction of GFD e-Learning Material
Panel Discussion
"Improving Education at Globalized Universities: Hopes and Concerns"
Chair:Taro MOCHIZUKI(Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice, Professor)
Closing Comments
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